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About BarbilHaalchal:

BarbilHaalchal: Barbil Joda First News And Information Website. Here We Cover Kendujhar District are All Important Information .At the same time, we also try to cover the most important information from all over the World.
We Barbilians are so busy with our work and family, sometime it is very hard to keep ourselves update with local news. That’s why we Created a website

Motive of BarbilHaalchal ?

As a local Boy , I feel I am not aware of all the things that is happening around me and I am sure this might be feeling of all our barbilians. Barbil, being remotely located close to the Jharkhand border, it is not so well covered by state news even in this digital era. So my idea and motivation to create this website is to bring Barbil news on top and I feel it is my responsibility to do so. And apart from that we all know almost 30 percent of population in Barbil are comes from other state and sometime they might feel difficulties in getting information, so we will try to put all the necessary information About barbil

Prime goal of our website ?

To update our barbilians with all kind of news with just one click. And also to provide a platform for barbil boys/girls which allows them to implement their creative ideas.

Motive of BarbilHaalchal ?

Barbil all Important Information Know Everyone.

What We Want?

Barbil Development
Respect new Talents
Implement Creative ideas

Website Content ?

Cover All Important Information Minimum word
Hindi and English mix Contain
We Promoting Creative Work.
Few information collected By the People